Occupational Medicine & Health and Wellness Consulting

Consulting Experience

Dr. Teehan has served on the boards for municipal governments, and understands the challenges and opportunities for health & wellness in this environment. As a member of the Selectboard in Dedham for 9 years, Dr. Teehan has extensive experience in leadership and government. He also serves as an Independent Consulting Physician for Lincoln Financial.

Health and Wellness Experience

Dr. Teehan has 10+ years of experience as a dedicated physician, caring for patients and making decisions. Dr. Teehan is the former Medical Director of the Boston Fire Department and has served as an Attending Physician in General Adult Primary Care for Beth Israel Deaconess Care Organization, Steward Medical, Atrius Health and Brigham and Woman's Physician Organization.

Greater Boston Wellness Primary Care is available for all your Workplace & Municipal Wellness & Consulting needs including:

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Occupational Medicine & Health and Wellness Consulting