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As an independent physician, Dr. Teehan can see as many or as few patients during the day to have more control over the amount of time spent with each patient and the communication that happens with those patients.

Your Wellness Is Our Priority

At Greater Boston Wellness Primary Care, we focus on providing quality care, not on corporate priorities. Your health & well-being drives our practice. We make every decision based on your preferences and best interests.

A Better Patient Experience

Dr. Teehan strives to personally know each patient and build trusting, lasting relationships with every patient. Being independent gives us greater transparency and autonomy to make the best decisions for you and your family.

Who we are

About Dr. Teehan

Dr. Teehan is an experienced clinician with 10 years experience in Primary Care and Occupational Medicine. Dr. Teehan is a graduate of the Harvard School of Public Health with Concentration in Environmental Health and Environmental Epidemiology and a graduate of the Harvard Affiliated Occupational & Environmental Health Residency Program and Tufts Medical School. He is Board Certified in Preventive Medicine with Concentration in Occupational & Environmental Medicine.

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We are an independently
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We genuinely care about
our patients and their

We offer a more
personalized care
experience for patients.

Greater Boston Wellness Primary Care is proud to be clinically affiliated with Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, a Boston academic medical center and major teaching hospital of Harvard Medical School.

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